Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pre-Departure D.C. Conference

   Holy Guacamole. Okay then.
   We spent the good portion of our day - from 10am to 5pm - in a conference at the Holiday Inn. We covered tons of topics: our creed, group safety, culture shock, Bangladeshi history, the works. Everyone is bonding super quickly, it's quite remarkable.  We had a speaker from the U.S. Department of State come and talk to us about what it means to be an "ambassador". The kids here are extremely motivated, and everyone is anxious to board the flight to Frankfurt, Germany.
    One of the most incredible things that happened today occurred over lunch in a separate conference room, with about 12 kids, from the Midwest, East and West Coasts.  We talked about the attitudes of our culture towards climate change, and the environment, and our interviewer wanted to know specifically how it varied from region to region. We talked about commercialism, about Minneapolis ranking high on the "greenest cities" list, and we talked about the stigma of being called "hippies" or "hipsters".  It was really eye-opening. I'm learning a lot, to say the least.
    Here are some pictures of the day: 

 Signing the group creed.
 Chardonnay chillin' on the carpet.
The AYLs playing a quick game of "Ninja".

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