Monday, December 19, 2011

This Post Was Typed Right to Left in Dubai, UAE

Oh, the things we do for free Wifi... Anyways, I'm not so sure how the format of this post will end up looking, but I'm doing my best. The picture was taken on our flight from Frankfurt to Dubai. The service was incredible, and they gave us so much food! And, it was so incredible to look up on the ceiling, find myself seeing stars.  :)
I'm so excited to get to Dhaka .Stopping in Dubai was extremely interesting, though. The culture is already very different from Minneapolis. The airport has praying rooms, and a halal McDonalds. I had a veggie burger, which had chickpeas and green peas in it. Hopefully I'll catch some zs on the way to Dhaka, I'm hella exhausted. 


  1. Were you flying on a Dreamliner? My uncle makes those! :) Hope you're having a great time!!

  2. Love the photos- keep 'em coming!